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Mmmmm… Pie!

I’m not sure if it’s maybe a hint that someone needs to make me a pie… but whatever made me make this card I like the outcome! I used stamps from Simply Stamps and my Mini MISTI from My Sweet Petunia.

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Yes… these are wood block stamps and YES I used my MISTI! The cool thing about most stamps from Simply Stamps is they are clear stamps mounted onto a backing sheet that is applied to a wood mount. So you can peel them off and use them with your .Fun huh? Best of both worlds.

Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

I had this idea after I had some ink bleed through acrylic paint and I decided I would try and do it on purpose this time with a pattern.

I started by making a mask with a post-it note that I cut into a circle and placed on my card. I went ahead and stamped my Apple Pie image where it was going to go on my card as a visual aid for my design.

1 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

I used my Blending Tool to make a random circle border with Distress inks. and then sponged around my Post-it mask.

2 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

I used a paint brush and white acrylic paint and added some random wavy lines and then I splattered some paint.

3 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

I peeled off my mask.

4 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

Since I had my inks out I swiped them on some white cardstock and added a little splattering to the pink. I stamped the Apple Pie image twice.

5 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

I stamped the Apple Pie in my circle. I cut out the pie pieces and sponged a little before assembling and adding to my card on top of the stamped image.

7 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff

To finish my card I added the Thank You sentiment a few more white paint splatters and a little faux stitching around my circle with a black pen.

8 Pie Thank You Jeanne_Streiff


Make Art Happen Paint Brush Holder

Happy Tuesday! Today’s project is a cute way to organize your art supplies. I made a paint brush holder this time but this could also be used for colored pencils or markers (in addition to other supplies!)

Make Art Happen Jeanne_Streiff

This project started out with a cleaned up green beans can. Give your can a good wash and soak off the label. Once you have it clean and dry add a couple coats of your favorite acrylic craft paint.

Make Art Happen c1 Jeanne_Streiff

I cut a strip of watercolor paper (mine was 3″ but adjust to the size of the can you use) and then did some loose watercoloring in colors that worked nicely with the paint used for the can. Let dry.

Make Art Happen c2 Jeanne_Streiff

After your watercolor strip is completely dry sponge the edges with brown ink  and attach to the can. I used a thick white glue and held it in place with some rubber bands until it was set.

Make Art Happen c3 Jeanne_Streiff

Now to start on the coordinating tag. I used the same colors of water colors to add some color to my tag. Let watercolor paper dry completely and stamp the sentiment in black ink. This is a custom one line stamp from Simply Stamps. I thought it would be perfect for mixed media projects. Fun, huh?

Make Art Happen c4 Jeanne_Streiff

I trimmed the tag to the shape I wanted with scissors, added a border with a fine black marker and sponged the edges with brown ink. I added some cording to my brush holder and attached the tag.

Make Art Happen c5 Jeanne_Streiff

For a final step I added the pretty button to my can. This is the Pretty in Pink Fashion Button by The AG Studio from Simply Stamps. I thought the sweet watercolor image was perfect for this project. I removed the pin back and attached it to my brush holder with foam tape.

AA Great Day


Strut Your Stuff!

Hi Jeanne here today!

I have a project to share today using a really pretty rooster stamp from Simply Stamps along with a custom one line stamp (Simply Stamps)I had made from  for the phrase.  Custom stamps aren’t just for addresses. It was fun to get a phrase I wanted made just the way I wanted it.

Strut Your Stuff Jeanne_Streiff

I started by making my background. I painted a simple watercolor background with a grassy area and a sky (leaving some areas white to give the illusion of clouds).

1 Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

While I had my paints out I decided I wanted to get a little creative for my coloring on the rooster. I knew which colors I wanted to use so I made some blobs (technical term… haha) of watercolor on my paper.

1 Rooster Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

Once my paper was dry I stamped my rooster (Designer Rooster Craft Stamp by Karmabee) with black ink.

2 Rooster Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

I added some highlights to the rooster image with a white gel pen and then I used scissors to cut out my rooster. After cutting I went around all the edges with a black marker to eliminate the pesky white edges.

3 Rooster Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

I stamped the “Strut Your Stuff” phrase onto a strip of white cardstock. This is a custom one line stamp from Simply Stamps. the custom line stamps are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines so you can use them for so many things.

Strut Your Stuff 2 Jeanne_Streiff

AA Great Day